BeeGreen South Africa 


Pioneer Sustainability


BeeGreen is the organisation gearing society towards a sustainable gardening and urban farming future.

Through a green movement centered around organic landscaping solutions, BeeGreen welcomes the natural world into your home. Begin your sustainable garden today as pioneers of the green movement and community in Durban and eventually, South Africa.

BeeGreen strives to become the heart of the sustainable gardening community and restore our Durban ecosystem one garden at a time. We do so through our professional sustainability inspired landscaping and organic and indigenous product range. These cater to the BeeGreen Durban community needs regardless of garden size or limitations. Whatever your working space- even if you have no garden- we have the solution for you!


BeeGreen offers 3-tiered mounted pallet beds using the principles of vertical gardening on wall spaces to ensure that even community members without soil beds can begin their sustainable gardens. BeeGreen also offers “Tub-O-Veg” which are plastic containers which are well-drained and allow other sustainability options for those with limitations to their urban farming potential. BeeGreen has a range of organic worm farms that are essential components of any sustainable garden. Turn organic, non-acidic waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer in the form of worm castings and worm pee. We, the BeeGreen community proud ourselves on sustainability which involves recycling our waste smartly and putting it back into the sustainable garden soil. Finally, our BeeGreen bottle birdfeeders are the perfect component to any sustainable garden, inviting the Durban ecosystem into your micro-ecosystem. Sustainability starts with the community of people living in harmony with the community of local nature in South Africa. Allow these great creatures into your garden as well as crucial pollinators such as bees to come in.


Our sustainable landscaping service extends over a wide range to aid our community in urban farming. BeeGreen offers an assessment service to merely help the Durban urban farming enthusiast to plan the right positioning of plants in the organic garden. The community member then has the choice to do it themselves or ask for our implementation service where we bring to life the sustainable garden through our landscaping service. The BeeGreen service finally extends to landscaping maintenance whereby our team makes bi-weekly clean ups to the community member’s organic garden.


BeeGreen identifies the Durban bee population as a crucial component of the ecosystem and do everything in our power to promote bee conservation and integrity throughout Durban and even, South Africa. We outsource hive removals and set up apiaries in bee-friendly areas to promote our ecosystem. Contact us for more information on these.

Our values are based upon three important tiers. Firstly BeeGreen aims to express ones identity through the configuration and intricate design of their sustainable garden. Secondly, BeeGreen empowers the movement of sustainability, helping people supplement their diets from their own organic garden through the practice of urban farming. Finally, BeeGreen aims to shift the mindset from “garden” to “ecosystem.” The sustainable garden is the micro-ecosystem wherein a wide diversity of fauna, such as birds and bees, can find sanctuary.

Apart from the information available here, you can also contact us. We offer a variety of organic gardening solutions such as basic aesthetical designs, sustainable garden and urban farming products. Have a look around the site, take in the information and if you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us at BeeGreen.

Finally, join our urban farming community today. BeeGreen extends beyond a business, we are a movement and a family of future orientated pioneers who take the health of the Durban ecosystem into their own hands. BeeGreen reaches out to projects in rural townships and already has an organic garden located in Wentworth as well as Kwa Mashu D-Section. This is just the beginning of our sustainability empowerment campaign. Make a difference and join the BeeGreen movement. Play your part.