These form the plants that our green community can grow for their household’s enjoyment in food. Experience the reward like no other that is felt when picking your own harvest from your crop farming from your eco-paradise, from your subsistence farming practises; organic produce that is uncontaminated from agricultural pesticides and fertilizers.

We have the how to grow and gardening ideas to help get you started in your own urban farming endeavours. Start the foundation of your veggie garden and turn it into the organic garden within our Durban BeeGreen community of eco-aware city farmers. See how to best grow your own veggie garden into an abundance of organic produce that will feed you and your family and the Durban ecosystem around you. Be another of the proud city farmers in South Africa as you grow your own organic garden.

In terms of how to grow your organic produce, learn from our garden ideas about how each plant has their own particular requirements in your veggie garden to grow into the produce that will boast your fruit garden or vegetable garden. Our grow guides equip the community with the how to in terms of how to maximize the efficiency of your organic garden in the Durban climate. Know all the water, sun and soil requirements whilst understanding how far to space your saplings and seeds in your veggie garden. Know the effect of wind and how to position your organic crops for abundance and a thriving veggie garden. Know how to harvest and store your organic crops whilst protecting your veggie garden from pests and diseases which may threaten your subsistence farming efforts. Learn from the community’s how to grow and other garden ideas.

Your organic fruit garden is usually more of a long-term endeavour as most of our fruits come from trees that must be carefully planted and cared for in your organic garden. Know how to grow them for long term growing based on the Durban climate and seasons to ensure that they flourish into long-term members of your veggie garden. Grow your own fresh fruits packed with vitamin C and other vitamins. As a rule of thumb in Durban, fruit trees should be sewn or transplanted in mid-Autumn when mild temperatures allow for root growth. Join the city farmers of BeeGreen South Africa with its eco-awareness and barter your surplus fruits for your deficit. Vegetables and herbs are more mid to short-term members of your organic veggie garden. They have more seasonal concerns than long-term issues. Learn how to grow your own of these in your organic garden within the volatile Durban climate.

The BeeGreen city farmers of Durban and South Africa contribute to our grow guides by suggesting garden ideas and information to keep our growing database updated and optimal. Share tips with other BeeGreen city farmers in Durban and the greater South Africa. Learn how to grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs through the subsistence farming community. Cut down on your grocery bill through crop farming. Your veggie garden has the power to provide for you, your family and the Durban ecosystem. Add your knowledge to the plethora of agriculture farming techniques and tricks that our community has amassed through their experience in their own crop farming work. Eat from your garden as the sustainability pioneer!