Eat Green

“EatGreen is aimed at living off a healthy food diet. Here you can find easy recipes for an array of delicious subsistence farming meals you can cook in your own home with. Many of the easy recipes here also include ingredients that can be grown in your own organic garden. What are you waiting for? Start feeding your family and the Durban ecosystem around you today. Play your part as a harmonious individual on this planet living in synergy with the world around you.

We have many easy recipes to keep your dinner table as alive and vibrant as possible. Show off with culinary expertise as you pick organic food from your subsistence farming efforts and transform it the perfect healthy food recipes.  These organic recipes are ideal for the family looking to eat healthy food, cut down on GMO, preservatives or other additive-induced foods. These are also ideal easy recipes for those looking to decrease their meat intake for personal health or environmental reasons. Eat healthy food and be a pioneer of sustainable living. Try our easy food recipes and give us feedback on which organic recipes you like and want to see more of. BeeGreen is the pioneer of sustainable living and permaculture in Durban that promotes the mentality to grow and eat healthy food from your own garden. Join us as pioneers of sustainable living in Durban.


Learn how best to grow the healthy food that you want to use in your organic vegetable recipes and permaculture lifestyle by reading up our grow guides in our GrowGreen section. This has all the tips on subsistence farming to ensure you have an abundance of organic produce at harvest time through careful planning, execution and maintenance of your subsistence farming hub. Grow your own in the most optimal way and use our vegetable recipes at harvest time to make tasty healthy food recipes that will boast your culinary expertise.


Contribute to the environment you live in too. Methods such as battery farming and some forms of livestock farming are inhumane and dangerous for the ecosystem. Replace a dependence on this with a focus on subsistence farming and organic farming by truly mastering the way you grow your own vegetables and herbs and combine them into organic vegetable recipes that cut down the need for such methods of livestock farming.


We also offer nutritional information for the health conscious who want to know what different organic produce consist of or breakdown into. Know all the vitamins, minerals and food groups within the organic produce in your subsistence farming efforts with our nutritional information tables.

“Have a recipe you would like to share? Contact us at We’ll give you the recognition and you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing that other people are enjoying your healthy food recipes! Our Durban BeeGreen organic farming community of city farmers is a resource for subsistence farming and healthy food recipes. We therefore encourage our city farmers community to continually bring more ideas, recommendations or ideal easy recipes they would like to see to our attention. We want to grow our database of healthy recipes and organic recipes as our BeeGreen city farmers community grows to cater for all tastes and all vegetables and herbs that we may have missed. We will be posting our favourite easy recipes based on the popularity of your healthy food recipes among our BeeGreen city farmers community. The top easy recipes will win complimentary plants etc. These do have to be original organic healthy food recipes however.”