The tropical Durban climate is well suited for the wide range of fruit trees and shrubs that are find here. Whether a citrus lover or an avocado fan we all enjoy physically harvesting the fruits of our labour from our gardens.

Want to try for yourself? Choose from the list of plant templates we have below. If you would like to request a template, please submit this suggestion on the “Contact Us” tab.


Excluding a few fruits (which we have provided grow guides for) most of the fruits are grown on trees that take roughly 3 or more years to fruit. These should be sewn in early autumn when the temperatures are milder and centralized to take root before the Spring growth arises. During winter, the temperatures are too low to foster healthy root development until the last weeks of winter.


Whether it is avo or strawberries that you want to know how to grow, our grow guides will lead you into your path of sustainability beginning with your organic garden and all the fruit trees and fruit plants within it.


The benefits of sustainability are seen clearly by the garden of fruit trees. Knowing the right soil needs, sun needs and other plant requirements will lead to produce that is rich in vitamins and minerals- mainly vitamin C in most fruit plants among others. Strawberries are one of the fruit plants with a high diversity of minerals and vitamins including folate (vitamin B9). Avo fruit trees (yes, a fruit) contain the vital vitamin B1 and high levels of vitamin E.


It all starts with knowing how to grow your fruit trees or fruit plants in your organic garden. Know all the plant requirements and needs in our grow guides. See the maximum yield of produce when you place your fruit trees in the right soil with the correct sun needs met. Learn the crucial how to grow in your first steps to sustainability. Allow your organic garden to with all its fruit trees and fruit plants to produce the lifestyle of sustainability that aims for perpetual co-existence of the man-nature balance.





Guava Tree





Request your own grow guides if you do not find the fruit plants you are looking for here. Even better yet, if you know some tricks from your experience with fruit trees that we might have missed or plant requirements that you feel should be ammended, please contact us on or


We at BeeGreen are not only a sustainable landscaping business serving your organic garden needs, but a community of sustainability growing in South Africa with roots in Durban. We grow our community as we grow our organic gardens- looking for opportunities to share knowledge on fruit trees and fruit plants in terms of soil, water and sun needs and other plant requirements with our community and through our community with our grow guides. Learn best through our community and business platform how to grow your favourite fruit plants such as avo and strawberries.