Grow Green

“Growgreen is the subsistence farming foundation on which we’re based. Focussed mainly around the how to grow for harvesting organic and indigenous produce from your veggie garden, GrowGreen is all about teaching how to grow your own produce in your crop farming. We empower our Durban greenscaping city farmers community with garden ideas to become the subsistence farming and permaculture gurus they wish to be. Here you’ll find the information on how to grow a wide array of organic produce, as well as several aesthetic, indigenous variants that will help you become connected with your subsistence farming efforts, attracting wildlife and giving you that feeling of satisfaction. As we grow our own organic and indigenous produce, so too do we attract Durban wildlife such as birds and pollinators to come and feast while also benefiting the same crop farming efforts they are attracted to.”


Veggie gardens are good to mix with herb gardens. Herb gardens provide many strong scents and smells that help keep parasites and pests off your organic produce. BeeGreen advises mixing herbs in and among your veggie gardens. Even in your fruit garden, fruits such as strawberries and granadillas benefit from a nearby herb garden to protect it from pests. The smart agriculture farming expert knows how best to position their plants and how to grow the organic produce to an optimal level. These BeeGreen garden ideas ensure you know how to grow your veggie gardens with the correct principles of permaculture, crop farming and agriculture farming within the specific Durban climate and seasons.


The BeeGreen garden ideas typically convey the knowledge of how to grow organic produce in your herb gardens, veggie gardens, fruit gardens or the combination of all three. It contains information growing conditions on water requirements and watering schedule. There is information available on how much sun is required and where to best position these plants in your sustainable garden to maximize the yield of organic produce. There is sewing spacing information for perfect agriculture farming techniques of how deep and far apart to plant your seeds. There are BeeGreen recommendations of the type, PH and drainage of your soil as well as which plants do well with mulching. There are how to grow notes on which plants make good companions or can be planted adjacent to others as well as wind restrictions, harvesting times and harvesting and storage instructions. Finally, the BeeGreen growing guides explain which pests and diseases the plant is vulnerable to and how best to treat these. There are other interesting notes on the plants which are usually contributed by our city farmers community- little garden ideas gained through experiences of other agriculture farming enthusiasts in their veggie garden endeavours.

“If you have a favourite organic or indigenous plant you can’t find here, or even additional information you would like to add to an existing template, send it through to us at Know that you’re adding to the wealth of vegetable farming information available through us and our Durban city farmers community. BeeGreen constantly aims to boost and expand our how to grow knowledge as there are always new and updated garden ideas to harvest bigger and more organic produce from your sustainable garden. Only as a city farmers community can we maximize our knowledge basis on permaculture and subsistence farming. Help us help the Durban city farmers community.”