Nutritional Facts

From a young age we are told to eat our fruits and vegetables. BeeGreen believes wholly in healthy living that comes from eating organic. We have sourced the nutritional information in the form of this vegetable nutritional table and fruit nutritional table. See all the vitamins, minerals as well as other nutrients that are just some of the benefits of healthy living and eating organic that come with your sustainable Durban garden. Read through breakdown of all your favourite fruits, vegetables and herbs that constitute this healthy living lifestyle that BeeGreen promotes.


Vitamins are essential to life and healthy living. They range from vitamins A through to D which protect against many different illnesses associated with deficiency. A lack of vitamin C is related to immune system problems and can lead to scurvy, vulnerability to illness and bleeding gums. Looking at the fruit nutritional table in particular, shows that many of the fruits grown in Durban have a high value of vitamin C which is great to take during the winter and appropriately named “flu season.” Understanding how the vitamins work with other benefits allows you to adjust your diet depending on how your health is feeling or the time of year that might be approaching. People dealing with high levels of stress are encouraged to increase their levels of vitamin B12 within their healthy living lifestyle. There are many benefits associated with the vitamins above and beyond these so get reading and understanding the nutritional information of all your produce.


Minerals also have many benefits to the body but they are specific scientific elements that you would find off the periodic table. There are many of these but, like vitamins, they also have benefits for the body and healthy living. Minerals are part of the benefits of eating organic that BeeGreen promotes in the Durban community.  All the fruits, vegetables and herbs have different minerals that the body breaks down during digestion. Looking at the vegetable nutritional table as well as the fruit nutritional table, you can see just some of the benefits associated with eating organic as these plants have most of the minerals needed on a day to day basis. These are some of the most important nutrients needed by the body.


Minerals such as calcium have many benefits to the body. The combination of magnesium, calcium and vitamin D are associated in promoting strong teeth and bone growth and development. These benefits and nutrients are especially sought after by mothers who wish to partake in the healthy living BeeGreen promotes and want to know the best fruits, vegetables and herbs that will give the vitamins and minerals their children and family need at each of the respective stages of their lives and growth. A good family provider knows the benefits of their garden just as well as they know the needs of their family. Use the nutritional information here to provide the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for your family and their healthy living. Eating organic is one of the pillar stones of permaculture. And it takes the strain off the environment by decreasing the need for groceries with GMO’s, preservatives and other additives as well as reducing the need for battery farming etc.


Pioneer sustainability!


Vegetables Nutritional Table