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Our sustainable landscaping service extends over a wide range to aid our community in urban farming. BeeGreen offers an assessment service to merely help you to plan the right positioning of plants in the organic garden. You then have the choice to do it yourself or ask for our implementation service where we bring to life the sustainable garden through our landscaping service. The BeeGreen service finally extends to landscaping maintenance whereby our team makes bi-weekly clean ups of your organic garden.


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BeeGreen offers 3-tiered mounted pallet beds using the principles of vertical gardening on wall spaces to ensure that even without soil beds, you can begin your sustainable gardens. We have a range of organic worm farms that are essential components of any sustainable garden. We pride ourselves on sustainability which involves recycling our waste and putting it back into the sustainable garden soil. Finally, our BeeGreen bottle birdfeeders are the perfect component to any sustainable garden, inviting the Durban ecosystem into your micro-ecosystem.


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