Spring Conditions in Durban

We all wait with baited breath for the Spring to return to our country. Yet, this is also a time as dangerous as it is beneficial for the garden. Durban sees many volatile swings in weather over a short space of time especially over the months spanning September- December.


Howling winds, scorching afternoons and heavy showers are a danger for the newly planted garden. The winds dry out the plants and increase water loss. New saplings are especially vulnerable yet placing a coffee jar with the container covering the sapling helps in extremely windy patches. Watering plants that have been exposed to extremely high temperatures and winds also helps to reduce damage to the plant although this should always be done when coolest- in the morning or the evening after a hot windy day.


Finally, storms have been getting more intense in Durban as seen by the effects of phenomena like Hurricane Sifiso in 2017. These threaten to flood soil and kill your plants through root rot. Address this by draining flooded pots or placing sensitive plants like new saplings under cover or, merely placing an umbrella over them- just ensure the umbrella can not be blown around and further damage your plants.


If there is any other concerns during this time of Spring, get hold of your eco-community leaders on info@beegreen.co.za and we will always help where we can. We even help rehabilitate damaged plants. You can also sign up to our community where you can be notified ahead of time of any extreme weather.


Overall,  keep an eye on the weather forecasts, time your watering schedule carefully and look to protect vulnerable plants during the Spring season to see full abundance during this time of growth and new life.

Agapanthus in Spring bloom