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Feed Nature and Feed Yourself

Feed Nature and Feed Yourself

Some gardeners put all their efforts into good soil and planting techniques. Whilst this is a crucial foundation point, nature itself is still a very necessary component in your garden’s success. We at BeeGreen have (through our products and assessments) promote the feeding of birds, bees, bats (for the brave), butterflies and other pollinators in the garden. This encourages them to visit your garden frequently through different shelter and feeding opportunities.


How does this help your garden? Well, a garden bustling with pollinators is one that seeds easily! Pollinators collect or feed off pollen which sticks to them, thus spreading to female flowers and fertilising them when the same pollinators come into contact with such flowers. This allows even more opportunity for seeding as opposed to just being dependant on the wind to carry the pollen.


We also encourage a very healthy soil using our worm farms and compost bins to promote good worms in the soil. This ensures that organic matter is always broken down and your soil remains more loamy and well-drained through the worms loosening your soil up. The more earthworms in your soil, the better the soil conditions.


Finally we encourage predators such as birds, praying mantises, ladybugs and others into the garden as they prey on pests such as termites, ants, aphids, slugs, snails etc. By educating oneself of the difference between desirable and undesirable garden life, one can regulate which creatures are removed from the garden and which are left and encouraged to remain in the garden. This information can be found through our articles and insights at the BeeGreen community.